Friday, May 21, 2010

{Home Improvements} Entryway Storage

I LOVE this entryway storage system from Pottery Barn! I am always on the lookout for ways to add extra storage areas to my home. My husband and I had a built-in pantry added last summer to give us more space for food, and now I'm thinking about having someone build something similar to this on my back porch, which we just had closed in over this past winter.

Using PB as my inspiration, my plan is to add 3 or 4 "lockers" with a connecting bench housing baskets underneath. One for Bo, me, and Dean. Each locker would have hooks for hanging our jackets and work/school bags. The baskets underneath could be used for shoes.

When you live in a small home, clutter tends to build up quickly, and I HATE clutter. Hopefully, this will help with that! I'm going to get a move on this project ASAP, and I'll post pictures when it's completed!

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