Monday, May 17, 2010

{Organizing} Wrapping/Tissue Paper

I can't stop. Organizing that is! Lately my wrapping/tissue paper situation has been a little out of hand. I have a lot of both and never seem to be able to easily access it when I need to wrap a gift. I saw this idea in a catalog and I liked it not only because it's practical but also because it looks cute!

I found some old galvanized storage tubs/tins in my basement that now house my wrapping and tissue paper. So much easier!

Next up? Ribbon!

I started taking graduate classes again last week AND my laptop crashed a few days before that, so I'm a little behind on some of my projects. However, I will be posting the following projects soon:

{1} Lauren & Rick's wedding suite
{2} Dean's 3 month homemade onesie
{3} Becky's "Sprinkle" invitations {all related party goods will follow}
{4} Dean's Dedication invitations and related goods

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