Sunday, May 9, 2010

{Entertaining} Bo's Birthday Details

My husband's 32nd birthday was on Saturday, and I hosted a family party for him at our home. I posted the invitations and wrap labels I created for him in a post about a month ago. Here are a few more party details!

{Guest of Honor - my hubby Bo}

{Chocolate Reeces peanut butter Coldstone Creamery cake - DELISH!}

{The party colors were dark blue, lime, and light blue. I used these colors on Bo's invitation and carried them through to some of the other party details including the napkins, plates, flatware, gift bags, poms, and a party sign and food tags that I made.}

{Party sign - Bo and his grandmother share the same birthday, so we celebrated both of them on Saturday.}

{Food tags for each item on the menu - not all tags shown here.}

{Homemade poms hanging above the drink station on the back porch}

{Poms are easy to make and are a great way to add a splash of color to your party.
Here's how I made mine....
1. Fold an entire package of tissue paper like an accordian.
2. Secure middle with a rubber band or twist tie.
3. Round edges by cutting with scissors.
4. Pull tissue paper apart and fluff.
5. Add ribbon around center and hang from ceiling (or wherever appropriate for your party).

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