Friday, June 25, 2010

{Gifts} What to Buy for a HS Graduate?

My cousin Leslie graduated from high school the other night and my entire family is attending her graduation party tonight. I've been out of high school for 15 years now, and haven't been to a graduation party in ages. What do you buy these kids these days? Money is probably the best gift, but it's always fun to get a few presents, too. My sister and I went in together (her gifts are not added yet in this pic) to put together a fun basket filled with all sorts of "collegey" goodies since Leslie will be going to Towson this fall.

Included in the basket:

~ fabric covered basket/bin {for books, magazines, whatever}
~ lamp {for college desk}
~ corkboards {to hang pics of all types of "to-be-had" fun college times}
~ pencil/pen/highlighter/marker/etc holder for desk
~ photo album
~ notecards {for handwritten notes back home to MOM & DAD to tell them how much they are missed}
~ lotions and loofah {a girl's gotta smell good}
~ candle
~ make-up bag/pencil case
~ Starbucks giftcard {for coffee when she pulls those all-nighters :)}

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