Tuesday, June 1, 2010

{Photography} New Camera?

How gorgeous is this camera strap slipcover?
It's called "The Coutore". Oh, but isn't it?!
The rosettes...the beautiful colors...the fabric...
I want one.
Like yesterday.
One problem.
I don't have a fancy camera.
But, wait!

My little fit-in-your-purse size Kodak camera has been acting up lately. My husband (and myself) have been getting annoyed with it because it has erased some of the pictures we have taken of our son. When something bothers my husband, he does something about it. Thank goodness. So, this past weekend at the shore, Bo suggested that we buy a good camera as an anniversary (2 years on June 22nd) gift to each other. Ummmm....okay!!!! Not sure which one we'll get, but I'm excited!

I might get my "Coutore" afterall. *Shey*[B] (http://sheyb.bigcartel.com/product/the-coutore) is the brilliant mind behind these "designer" camera straps. They are one-of-a-kind and she only makes one every once in a while. Once it's posted, it's first come first serve. No custom orders. No two alike. Yikes! I'm looking for one with dark pink rosettes....once I see it, it's mine!


  1. Hey Kate-- I think they are soo neat! My sister broke down and they did the same thing at Christmas time. My nephew just turn two and my sister would get so annoyed with her little point and shoot that it wasn't fast enough to catch Aidan doing cute things. So you will be happy with whatever you pick...I think she has an slr or something along those lines, she got a package at best buy.

  2. I'm in love with my Nikon D3000. We waited a year after having our little one and multiple frustrations with our point and shoot. I've finally got a camera that captures all the pictures in perfect time.

    Thanks for sharing that link! I think I need one of those awesome strap covers. :)

    ps-my sister, steph spagnola sent me your blog!

  3. Hi sisters! Thanks for the advice about the camera...I'm clueless about that stuff! I need to do some research but your recommendation definitely helps.

    Check out Shey B's website and blog...you'll die!

    Hope the wedding plans are going well, Steph!

  4. Oh man ~ wait until you see the camera bay my mom just ordered off of etsy!!! You will LOVE them!!! I suggest a Canon Power Shot if you are looking for a good quality point and shoot camera without spending a lot of money. I am sure you can get a camera strap for it just so you can buy a cover!!!