Wednesday, June 2, 2010

{Home Improvements} Storage Lockers are Underway!

The storage locker plans are underway - WOOHOO! I'm beyond excited because now I'll have a little extra "attractive" storage in my home (and I won't have to see my husband's jacket and work bag in my dining room anymore).

Carl of Minimi Builders (he is very meticulous and does excellent work - he installed all of our new windows last spring and did a fantastic job) stopped over yesterday to look at our space and draw up some plans.

I'm hoping that my lockers will be a combination of these first two pictures. I like different things about each. I'd love to take the lockers to the ceiling and have some pretty molding (like the picture above). I also love the wanes cotting that is on the back of the lockers. However, I like the underneath area of the lockers below. I plan on using the underneath space for baskets that will hold shoes. I also like the bench better in the second set of's a little more spacious looking. Hopefully, Carl will be able to take what I like about each and create a custom look for us.

I LOVE the lockers below; however, I just don't have the space for these. Maybe in another life (or home). I really love how seat cushions were added to this space. I'm hoping to do that to my new space as well. I might just have to get really crafty and make my own! We'll see....

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