Monday, July 18, 2011

{DIY} Chevron Rug

This week I have a few DIY projects to share with you. Some are complete and others in the works, but either way, you should be able to get a good sense of what I've been working on since school let out for the summer. First up is the chevron rug I made for my kitchen. I have a pretty traditional style and my home reflects that; however, I do like a little hint of unexpected here and there . I'm not usually a girl that gets hung up on trends, BUT chevron is one trend that has caught my eye, and I really love the look of it.

I read House of Smith's DIY chevron rug post among a few others to help me create my own rug. Let me just say, I definitely took a more difficult approach by taping out the chevron pattern with painter's tape rather than making a vinyl pattern. I thought it would be easier to tape -- I was WRONG -- should have used a pattern. A lot of elbow grease went into making this rug.

Materials ::
1. EGEBY rug from IKEA @ $29.99
2. Valspar black "porch and floor" latex paint & sponge brushes @ ~ $15

This rug has a lot of nooks and cranies, so I found that a sponge and tapping method worked better than a paintbrush. I really had to work the sponge into the grooves to get the coverage I wanted.

**I searched high and low for chevron rugs/runners for my kitchen before deciding to make my own. Not only are they hard to find, but they cost a pretty penny. I couldn't find any that cost less than a couple hundred dollars. This entire project cost me around $45, which is totally doable -- you just have to be willing to invest a little sweat equity.

Chevron rug COMPLETE! At first I was a little disappointed in my chevron stripes -- they were looking a little severe and not as slanty as I would have liked. However, once the rug was complete, and I placed it on the floor in front of my sink, it started to grow on me. I really like it! It definitely adds that little pop of trendy I was looking for.

**You can get a little peak of my new kitchen floor in the above pic -- I haven't shared pics yet because I'm waiting for all my kitchen projects to be complete.
~ Painting the kitchen island {yes, gonna paint the island but keep the other cabinets natural -- LOVE that look}
~ Kitchen work station {I've himmed and hauled over this, and contemplated other ideas, but I'm sure this is what I want now and am ready to make a move!}
**HOT week ahead -- thankful for the air conditioning and the swim club so we can cool off! STAY COOL!

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