Thursday, July 28, 2011

{R. Dean} Veggie Lover

My boy LOVES his daddy's vegetable garden. Every time my husband heads out back to check for ripe veggies, his little sidekick wants to tag along. Dean is even starting to say the word garden {picture a very garbled version of this word -- it's actually more like gar -- haha}.

The veggies always come to the kitchen with little nibbles taken out of them. It makes me laugh! Yesterday, my honey was loving the peppers and taking whole bites out of the one he picked.

Because the weather was so nice yesterday, I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots of my veggie loving baby.

My husband recently acquired Bessie, the old, beat-up, white pick-up truck that his dad had for years and years and years. She's not much to look at but comes in very handy when Bo has something big to move. AND she actually made for a really cute backdrop for some pictures.

I love this sweet face...

...and those chubby little toes.

Funny, old man face ;-}

Quick detour over to the sunflowers.

**Hope you enjoyed!
**Prepping for Girls' Night today. Full post and pics COMING SOON!

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