Monday, July 25, 2011

{Random} The little Things... the car ride down to the shore this weekend {picture it :: baby snoozing, doggie calm, husband & wife having a good chat}
...or the chocolate & vanilla twist in a cup with rainbow sprinkles from Dairy Queen on Saturday night {my fav}
...or enjoying the tremendous riches that God has blessed us with {like our health, freedom, the love of our families, our child, etc}
...or the homemade pizzas made by my wonderful SIL we enjoyed with my husband's family on Friday night
...or escaping for an afternoon boatride & a dinner date with my hubby this weekend {how we managed to escape TWO times ALONE this weekend is beyond me}
...or snugging up my baby boy as we cruised by boat to our favorite place for some sun & sand {Champagne Island}
...or taking a dip and it being so hot that I actually dove all the way under the water {and got my hair wet!} and tasted the saltiness on my lips {and was reminded of my days on the beach as a girl with my sister & cousin and how we would ride the waves and laugh our silly heads off for hours at a time}
...or watching our Beagle hound run like a wildwoman all over the island chasing birds until her heart's desire {Bo & I joke she will definitely die a happy {& lucky} doggie one day}
...or the sheer delight on my little one's face from watching something as simple as a bubble land on his arm
...or etc, etc, etc.
...these are the things that I have been enjoying & cherishing...the little things...


**If you are ever in Wildwood and hungry, be sure to try our favorite little spot for dinner & drinks -- Dogtooth Bar & Grill. Great food! The mussels app -- OMG!
**I left my camera home this weekend {accidentally}, but it was so nice to just enjoy the weekend without snapping a million pics {pleasantly surprised}!
**Looking forward to a little relief from this HEAT this week!

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