Tuesday, September 6, 2011

{Sweets} A Birthday & Back to School

While cleaning out my pantry yesterday, I came across a strawberry cake mix that I had long forgotten about. I also happened to have some cream cheese icing on hand, so Dean and I decided to make cupcakes. I've been feeling blue about going back to work and cupcakes make everything better, so down to work we got.

At first, I figured I'd practice a swirl icing method for Maura's birthday on some of the cupcakes.

I was inspired by this cake -- isn't it gorgeous? Clearly I need more practice with the swirls, and they will never be as fabulous as the ones in the picture, but I'm not a professional cake decorater so no worries.

Then, I thought I'd show a little back to school spirit with the remaining cupcakes. I showed the completed "masterpieces" to my husband and asked if he knew what they were supposed to be. He had no idea, even after multiple hints. Ummm....apples....duh! See the worm....geez! Guess they were a fail -- pretty bad actually ;-}

For some "real" back to school inspiration, check out my Teacher's Pet pinboard on Pinterest!

**Well, back to work for me tomorrow bright and early. So very thankful to have had 12 weeks off from work -- it was truly the best summer of my life.
**Ahhh....what a beautiful Labor Day weekend it was at the Jersey shore. I didn't want to leave -- I'm not ready to face the reality that awaits me this morning. I never will be. I don't mean to complain -- I'm grateful for my job and have loved being a teacher for the last 12 years. That will never change...BUT...what has changed is the little 27-pound, curly-haired cutie that smiles at me each morning when I walk into his nursery to hug and kiss his sweet skin before starting our day together. Together....sigh. It's not as if I won't see him or get to spend time with him because I am working, but it's not enough time for me. It's a hard job being a stay at home mom as I experienced first hand this summer, BUT it's harder to be a working mom {for me}.
**Always hoping and praying that one day in the future I am able to say that I no longer have the back to school gitters on Labor Day night ;-}

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  1. I showed that exact cake to my sister-in-law this weekend, and told her when she gets pregnant and it is a girl I am making it for her!