Friday, September 9, 2011


Well, I made it...made it through my first week back to school. Phew. Still lots to do before I feel like I can breath again, but I've tackled that initial hurdle. Can I be honest? I LOVE my students -- they are such a nice group of kids. **BUT** I miss summer like there's no tomorrow. Not only the weather but the carefree days and nights. The no having to pack lunches and diaper bags, the not feeling obligated to get to bed by a certain hour or not feeling pressured to get things done around the house. Ahhh....there's nothing like summer. Nothing....

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I AM really looking forward to the fall. I can't wait to decorate my home, but I'm trying to restrain myself a little and wait until closer to the end of the month. I'm looking forward to the cooler weather and fall fashion and fall parties and holidays and fall food....ooohhh....can't wait!

**Image via Country Living
**Weekends mean SO MUCH MORE now that I'm a working mom again ;-} I cherish them.
**Pumpkin pie gelatis should be debuting soon at Rita's -- that's our "thing" on Friday nights in the fall ;-}
**No wine and pizza with my cute hubby tonight -- instead I'll be sitting in my first of five more grad classes {ughh} I need to fufill the state of NJ's requirement. Friday night? Seriously? Thank goodness it's a hybrid class, and I only need to physically be in class three times. It's the LAST place in the world I want to be on a Friday evening of a work week, but I'm gonna grin and bare it so I never ever ever have to write another paper AGAIN.
**ENJOY your weekend!

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  1. How have I never heard about pumpkin pie gelatis before?? I need one stat. I have an easy pumpkin spice trifle that I am holding off making until the end of the month!