Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My House {Some Inside Pics}

{Master Bedroom}

{Office/Craft Room}
{Some of these pics are dark....I am so not a good photographer!}

{Upstairs Bathroom}

{Family Room}

{Dining Room}

{Other side of Dining Room}


{New Built-in Pantry in Mud Room}

{Downstairs Powder Room}

{Other side of Powder Room}

I've talked about my new home a lot on my blog. Well, it's been a true labor of love to get my home unpacked, organized (and I'm still not completely finished yet), and somewhat decorated. I had done some unpacking in May and June when we first made settlement but had planned to complete most of it this summer once school was out. That is until I found out the exciting news at the end of June that I was expecting our first baby! About two weeks later, the naseua set in....UGHHHHH. I'm thrilled to be pregnant, but not feeling well for almost the entire day kind of puts a damper on one's plans. Finally in August I started feeling better again and was actually able to accomplish some more unpacking/organizing/decorating.
Decorating is another one of my passions/hobbies in life. I love adding my own touches to my home to make it cozy and a place that my husband and I enjoy coming home to at the end of each day. Unlike in my condo where I was very daring with color, in this home, I've gone with very neutral wall colors/furniture and added pops of colors through pillows, pictures, and rugs to accent each room. Still working on it, but I get a little closer to being finished each day!

Here's what we've done so far (with some help from family and professionals):

1. Added a white tile backsplash to the kitchen (compliments of my Dad), took down the bread cabinet which was taking up a ton of counter space, and replaced the punched tin insert with glass in the corner cabinet.

2. Added new light fixtures to the kitchen, dining room, upstairs hallway, and front porch (hanging pendant light - still waiting for the replacement after we accidentally broke the original).

3. Painted EVERY room in the house - I never want to pick up a paint brush again.

4. Installed faux wood blinds (they look real but cost a lot less!) in our upstairs bathroom and master bedroom.

5. Hung new curtain rods/curtains in the family room, dining room, office/craft room, and guest room.

6. Bought new mirrors for the downstairs powder room and upstairs bathroom.

7. Hung LOTS of pictures, shelves, and added a wall treatment using mirrors in the dining room.

8. Had a custom built-in pantry installed in the mudroom for additional food storage.

9. Added a new stackable washer/dryer in the mudroom closet (compliments of my in-laws).

10. Completely refinished the third floor attic. Taped, spackled and painted the walls, had new berber carpet installed, bought a portable air conditioner for the space since it's god-awful hot up there, and my husband and father-in-law built me a walk-in closet on one side.

11. Bought some new furniture for various rooms.

12. Planted tons of flowers, shrubs, and trees all over our yard and constructed a brick wall planter to frame one of the beds in the front of the house.

13. Added a garden of different summer veges in the backyard (which Ginger has pretty much destroyed at this point...oh well).

14. Replaced all 27 windows in the house with brand new and much more efficient/convenient ones.

Still to Do:

1. The baby's room: wanes cotting or chair rail, closet organizer, paint, accessories, etc (can't give away too many details....this will be a future post!)

2. Close in the back porch with new windows and indoor/outdoor carpet (not the green astroturf!).

3. Finish organizing the basement and garage (my goal is to have a yard sale this fall...yeah right).

4. Plant new grass in certain areas of the yard.

5. Replace all hardware on upstairs doors (they are all old doors with original knobs....gorgeous....but don't work well. We're looking for new hardware that resembles the old stuff).

I'm sure I'm forgetting something but that's all I've got for now!

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