Thursday, August 6, 2009

Xyron 500 = A Crafty Girl's Dream Come True!

I wanted to share the Xyron 500 with all my fellow crafty girlfriends! This little machine is truly one of the best purchases I've ever made. I actually purchased this from Michaels (I used a 50% off coupon and paid maybe $15-20 tops) well over a year ago while I was planning my wedding. I mostly used it to make stickers but it serves many purposes: laminator, magnet maker, sticker machine, and the list goes on. You can buy refillable cartridges at Michaels (again, use those 50% coupons ladies to pay only around $9-10 per cartridge). They are easy to load and the machine is super simple to use.

Just to give you some ideas for how to use the Xyron, check out my pictures above. You'll see I attached wrap-around labels to my wedding invitations, added family and friend pictures to my table numbers for my wedding, added stickers to bags with mummers' supplies for each table of guests at our wedding for their surprise appearance, and applied little personalized gift tags to my bridesmaids giftbags to be given at our rehearsal party (click on each picture to see more closely). AND I continue to use this machine as I create projects for myself and friends currently. You can't go wrong with this purchase!

Stay tuned for some upcoming projects including:

1. My new personalized address labels
2. Back to School notecards (especially for teachers)
3. Adrienne and Muhammad's save the date cards
4. Inside pictures of my new house

I'm also beginning to work on but won't be posting for a few more months:

1. Terri's baby announcements (baby due September 2009)
2. Kathy's baby announcements (baby due October 2009)
3. Adrienne and Muhammad's wedding invitations (wedding May 2010)
4. Jamie and John's wedding invitations (wedding June 2010)
5. Fall festival invites (Bo wants to have a fall party at our house this year but I'm trying to talk him out b/c guess who will be doing all of cooking, cleaning and preparation??? I do love entertaining though....hmmmm. We'll see if these ever get printed!)
6. Thanksgiving invitations for my family (I'll be hosting my favorite holiday at my house this year and cooking my first turkey ever!)
7. My Christmas cards (I'm going pink and green this year!)
8. My mom and sister's Christmas cards (starting to gather some ideas already)

Wow, that's a lot of work ahead of me! I better get busy b/c once summer is over, that means planning lessons, grading papers and back to grad school. Not too much time left for Lime Design....BOO HOO!

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  1. Now you need to purchase a cricut!!! Man I wish I still lived close . . . we would have so much fun together! I use my Xyron to adhere my small letters cut from the cricut machine.