Friday, October 22, 2010

{Crafting} We're EIGHT and Doing GREAT!

My Bubba is 8 months old today. Time is flying and life is SOOO GOOD with this boy. Better than I could ever have imagined it would be! He's hard work, BUT worth every second of it.

I used fabric again for this onesie because I thought making an 8 out of ribbon might be a little tricky with all those curves ;-} As a time saver, I ditched the needle and thread and just hot-glued the fabric onto the onesie. Much easier! I made the little pumpkin on the sign by using a sparkly orange button and cutting a tiny piece of pipecleaner. I made the spider as well and will be posting a quick and easy tutorial next week, just in case you Mamas are looking for some fun craft ideas to do with your babies the week of Halloween.

Can't get enough of his crooked little smile. When he laughs, I laugh!


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