Sunday, October 24, 2010

{Parties} Wigs & Wine

Wigs & Wine turned out to be a great night filled with good food, good friends, good wine & fabulous WIGS! Join me as I share the party details:

My dessert table :: I absolutely adore putting together a dessert spread. For me, it is the focal point of a party. I had a blast planning this table, which included festive little desserts that were easy to eat and looked adorable. I used the buffet in my dining room to house the spread.

I made "Witch Skewers" that were inspired by Pizzazzerie. These looked so cute and were just as yummy; however, I will admit that they were a major pain to put together.

***I made the purple filler in the tins that held the skewers by running purple tissue paper through my paper shredder. I then took scissors and chopped through the strands a little more. Easy and inexpensive fix!***

One of my very fav desserts this fall has been Rita's pumpkin pie gelati. Before Rita's closed for the season, I bought a quart of their pumpkin pie water ice that I paired with vanilla ice cream to make "Gelati Shooters." I made these in shot glasses with tiny spoons that I ordered from Etsy.

Nothing screams fall more than a caramel apple taffy, so they were a perfect addition to my table as well.

Our local Amish market makes miniature whoopie pies in pumpkin and chocolate flavors. They are so good! I also made red velvet cookies and piped cream cheese icing on top. I stacked three different sized cake plates that I have collected over the years and created a tower to hold these desserts. I love white dishes, and they especially pop against the black buffet table.

The little sparkly spiders I made earlier in the week also decorated my dessert table.

Also inspired by Pizzazzerie, I decorated Reeces cups with the word "Boo" written on them. These were super easy and really cute.

In addition to all of the desserts, I had to add some Halloween candy. I used my glass apothecary jars to hold the sweets.

I used little tealights to add some subtle light to the entire area and also added a sparkly black candelabra to the middle of the spread to anchor the table.

Favors :: I bought little pumpkins, which I jazzed up with some ribbon and arranged on a plate tower. On the sides of the tower, I tied little thank you tags that I made with fun ribbon.

Onto the food and other decor...

I wanted my Wigs & Wine dinner party to be small and intimate, so that our guests could relax and talk to one another over a good meal. What inspired the color palette of orange, lime, purple, and black was this fabric I spotted at JoAnn's weeks before I even planned on having a party. I ended up using that fabric to make a runner for my dining room table. No sewing necessary...I just simply folded the edges under and voila!

I also purchased another fabric in the same color scheme to place on my kitchen island, which is where our guests munched on some appetizers before the meal was served.

I had a lot of fun with these apps! I made "Mummy Dogs" using capers as eyes and...

...I gave fun names to some of the other apps as well. For the "Skulls" I also made matching flag picks.

I completely forgot to takes pics of the dinner, but the menu consisted of:

~ Seasoned Pork Roast {I highly recommend Haines Pork Shop}
~ Sweet Potato & Apple casserole {I will be posting this recipe later this week as per request from my guests}
~ Roasted asparagus
~ Fall salad

As for the drinks, it was "Witch's Brew" {aka beer} or...

{My husband's buddy Dave was kind enough to pose with one of the beer bottles just long enough for me to snap a shot of the label even though it's a little warped from sitting in ice ;-}

..."Vampire Blood" {aka wine}.

It was an absolutely perfect fall night, so Bo made a firepit fire on our patio.

Ha! The ladies in their wigs!

And the gents...minus Dean {but don't you worry because he wore a wig too!}.

See...told you! {Bo ~ Kate ~ Dean}

My GEM of a husband helped me SO MUCH with this party. He made shopping trips for me, helped with some of the cooking, and even did the dishes after the party was over. Don't know what I do without that amazing man in my life ~ LOVE you, Bo Powell!


  1. kate, oh my gosh, how cute. you are so stinkin' creative. love this. it looks like you all had so much fun :)

  2. An excellent time was had by all! Can't wait for the sweet potato/apple recipe!!;) Thanks again for having us. We had a blast!!

  3. I am hoping my spread looks 1/2 as good as yours. I am having a little Halloween bash for some kiddies. I have that same polka dot fabric for my table....great minds think alike! I am going to the Amish tomorrow for the whoopie pies (my inspiration from lime design).

  4. Thanks so much girls! Karen ~ I'm sure it will look awesome! I had an idea for you...meant to email you earlier but forgot! I'll shoot you an email later's something I was going to do for W&W but ran out of time. And it's actually more appropriate for a kiddie Halloween bash anyway!