Friday, February 4, 2011

{Home Improvements} Fun Fabric

Well, I really stink because I still don't have any pictures of my family room to share...getting closer though :-} Oh how I wish on some days I could just snap my fingers like Mary Poppins and poof - room DONE!

Although I'm still working on the room, I did get as far as picking fabric for the window bench cushion {and convincing my hubby to hang some frames for me}. What do you think? It is not at all what I expected to choose, but I was in a daring mood the other night at the fabric store. My space is very neutral, so I figured I could afford to add some fun color on the bench.

I usually tend to lean in the direction of green as an accent color, but I think gray/turquoise/yellow will be a nice change. I just need to go with it. It's only a bench cushion for cryin' outloud!

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TGIF! After our baby boy is fast asleep, I have a city date tonight with my husband at Vintage, a wine bar where we are grabbing a quick dinner before meeting friends for birthday drinks. Review coming your way soon!

Dean is going to have his first birthday pics taken by my friend Karen of Karen Carpenter Photography on Saturday. Excited! Hopefully I can post a few proofs on the blog when Karen finishes them.

Swanky superbowl party on Sunday at Bo's bosses home. Is it appropriate to wear a jersey or do I need to get all dolled up for some football???!!!

No slowin' down for this girl...and I NEED to slow down in a BIG way. Next weekend?

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