Monday, February 7, 2011

{Crafting} L.O.V.E

Surprisingly, I was able to squeeze in a few little V-Day craft projects over this busy weekend. Here they are {all VERY simple and requiring minimal time and prep}:

First up was my mantle. It needed a little something...little being the key word. Not wanting to overwhelm the space and following TomKat's lead on the LOVE letters, I put my own spin on things.

First, I used a dark pink pom I made this past summer and placed it on top of a plain white vase. {You can easily make your own poms by following my instructions here}.

Then I found these very simple white frames in the dollar bins at Target. Using some leftover scrapbook paper I had from my sister's sprinkle last July, I created backgrounds for each frame and cut letters out to spell LOVE.

I freehanded the letters on some white paper, cut them out and used them as patterns to trace onto the scrapbook paper. Using a little double sided tape, I attached the letters to the backgrounds.

I also cut out some hearts and placed them in an apothocary jar I already had filled with clear crystals.

Then I moved into the kitchen to make some V-Day sugar cookies. And please don't think I slaved away over a hot stove all day...I think I spent about a total of 1/2 hour on these cookies because I used pre-made sugar cookie dough {made by my hubby's company, J&J Snack Foods}. I had cookie cutters {hearts & xoxoxs} I bought from Target years ago. I iced some with pink frosting {also store bought}, sprinkled others with sprinkles, and left some plain.

Then I filled these adorable gable boxes from Walmart {a pack of 3 for $2} with cookies for Dean's babysitters {aka my mom, MIL and sis-in-laws}. Lastly, I tied some quick little handmade tags to the boxes with pretty pink ribbon.

I had some leftover scrapbook hearts after sprucing up my mantle, so I also made some cupcake toppers. I'm making dinner for a friend in need this week, so I'm going to throw in some V-Day cupcakes for dessert for her two adorable little ones. I think they'll like my heart toppers!

Lastly, also found in the dollar bins at Target, I grabbed three mini mailboxes {I added the ribbon and hearts to the front}. There's one for each member of my family {sorry Gingersnappers}. My goal is to write a little LOVE note each day for the next week to both Bo & Dean. Life is so fast-paced these days that I rarely have a chance to tell my loved ones how much I actually do LOVE them. I'm excited! And, BO POWELL, I left a mailbox for myself just in case "someone" wants to leave me a love note too...LOL!

Happy Monday everyone!