Wednesday, February 16, 2011

{Recipes} Lava LOVE Cakes

L is for Lava. Following Dainty Chef's recipe, I made these totally rich and decadent lava cakes last night for our Valentine's dinner. Chocolately HEAVEN!

**I made mine in muffin pans b/c I didn't have ramekins that were oven safe. They were a little tricky to get out of the pan, but tasted DELISH nonetheless!

I also added a little peanut butter sauce on top especially for my husband. Why? Confession -- often times, my husband and I pass up dessert at a nice restaurant to secretly hit up Friendly's for their Reeces peanut buttercup sundae. Class acts, huh? Recently, Bo has been ordering a new dessert at Friendly's {hunka chunka pb fudge lava cake sundae}, which is very similar to what I made tonight. That was the purpose behind my dessert choice...I was trying to recreate my favorite's favorite Friendly's sundae ;-}

Thankfully, Bo handled dinner -- the boy can cook. Filet stuffed with crabmeat served over asparagus with bernaise sauce, lobster tail and mashed potatoes. Red wine. DIVINE!

Diet starts tomorrow ;-}


  1. oh my, that looks really really delicious, i want some of it!
    diet starts tomorrow, totally

  2. Thanks Victoria! There's a link to the recipe in my post if you want to make's DELISH!