Tuesday, February 22, 2011

{Parties} Dean's Little Mister Mustache Bash -- Part One -- DESSERTS

After sorting through an overwhelming amount of pictures, I decided to break Dean's party into three separate posts :: DESSERTS, DETAILS, & DINNER/EATS. First up is my personal fav, the dessert table.

I've found that I approach the layout of my dessert spreads much like I approach home decorating. It's not only about the desserts, but it's also about incorporating some other unique finds, many times things found around the house. For example, I threw some rolled newspapers {b/c what "man" doesn't read the paper?} into a clear glass vase I had. Also, my father-in-law gave me some old, empty frames that I spray painted and used for the party. You see one here on the dessert table...the others you'll see in my DETAILS post. In addition, I ordered some really sweet little suitcases/briefcases and used those as props in Dean's photoshoot and to add some height and dimension to my dessert spread.

I love the honeycomb balls I ordered and hung above the table. They were a really inexpensive way to add more color, a little pizzazz, and draw the eye upwards. I saw that idea on Martha Stewart's blog.

Lastly, I had Karen Carpenter Photography order me a large print on matboard of my little man with a stache on a stick that I added to the table.

**The best advice I can give if you love dessert spreads too and want to try one yourself is:
#1 -- START EARLY. I started thinking of ideas and working on this party many months in advance. And to be honest, I ended up having to do a lot last minute b/c of time, but I can't imagine having to do everything at the last sec. I definitely would not have had the same results.
#2 -- MAKE A SKETCH OF WHAT YOU ENVISION. I always start with a hand drawn sketch, which helps me get a clear visual picture of my table and also allows me to see where there are holes. It also helps when planning food/desserts and how much you need and/or have space for.
#3 -- TAKE INSPIRATION FROM DESSERT TABLES YOU LOVE. Pull your favorite aspects about each table, mix with your own ideas and you've got yourself a unique spread. **

The beautiful cake was made by Kara Doyle, the same pastry chef that made Dean's dedication cake. I added the topper {Mr. Dean & a #1}. It was the center of the table and gorgeous in person, not to mention rich and delicious {chocolate angel food cake with a chocolate mousse filling}.

I ordered my boy his own vanilla cupcake from a local bakery and sat it on top of a candle holder. He LOVED it and did a pretty good job of digging right in!

I love mini desserts and had these little shot glasses from the dollar bins at Target, so thought mini milkshakes would be cute. I also added polka dots straws to each.

I love these tie and mustache cookies made by a recent Johnson & Wales grad. I work with her aunt, who one day just happened to mention that she makes wonderful desserts. I jumped on the opportunity and enlisted her services. They were so CUTE, fit in perfectly with the color scheme and theme of the party, and were really yummy!

I mean seriously...how adorable are these?!

The one dessert item I actually made were these chocolate stache pops {ohhh...I made the mini milkshakes too!}. They were so easy to make and my nephew especially loved them!

The candy I found at TJ Maxx...what can't you find at TJ? Love it there...

In one of my sneak peek pics, I showed you a tiny piece of Dean's handmade party hat. It was really simple to make. Just make a cone with a piece of cardstock, add some crinkle cut strips with hot glue to the top and around the bottom, attach ribbon to the inside to keep the hat in place and then any little details you want to the front. Easy!

Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for the DETAILS post coming tomorrow!

Dessert table inspiration: TomKat Studio
16x20 matboard photo: Karen Carpenter Photography
Honeycomb decoration balls: Devra Party Supplies
Cake: Kara Doyle
Cookies: Katherine Lynch
Suitcases: Land of Nod
Polka dot straws & Mustache molds: Bake it Pretty


  1. How fun to see "The beautiful cake was made by Kara Doyle" and to be able to say, "That's MY sister!" So fun to read your blog, Kate.

  2. Thanks, Kristin! Yes, Kara's work is GORGEOUS! She is definitely my favorite cake girl ;-}

  3. LOVE this party! I'm doing a Mr. Man baby shower in April. I really love your ideas!!

  4. Thank you! You will have a blast putting together your Mr. Man party -- it was so fun to plan!

  5. This is so cool. I am hosting a MUSTACHE link party this week and I'd love for you to link this up. Here's the party link... http://www.doodlesandstitches.com/2012/09/mustache-link-party-17.html