Tuesday, April 26, 2011

{Crafting} Easter Crafts & Sweets

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday! Isn't it sooo nice to spend time with family? My mom hosted Easter at her home this year, so I made some simple Easter treats to bring for dinner/dessert. She always has hard boiled eggs on display, so I told her I would take care of that this year. I was all set to dye my eggs and try the wax decorating; however, I decided to go a more simple route.

All I did was cut little strips of fabric that I had leftover from one of Dean's homemade month onesies and tied it around some of the eggs. I left some of them plain because I loved the way the plain white eggs looked against the bright green grass.

I LOVE the look of carrots for Easter {think Peter Cottontail ;-}, so I made a few of my own to stick in with the eggs. So simple -- it literally took me less than 10 minutes to make all three of them! Here's what I did:
1. Cut a small rectangle of fabric {I wasn't very technical here and have no idea of the exact dimensions -- this was a QUICK project!}
2. Roll to form a little cone
3. Glue the last little bit of fabric to keep the cone together
4. Fill the inside with green Easter grass {allow some to stick out the top}
5. Done!

These would be really cute as part of an Easter table centerpiece or dessert buffet.

Then I made these quick, simple and festive nests with eggs. Again, a cute addition to an Easter/spring dessert table.

I used thin pretzel sticks, which I broke up a little. Then I added them to melted chocolate {I like using chocolate almond bark and chocolate chips}. When I scooped the chocolate/pretzel mixture onto wax paper, I just made sure to create circular looking nests with hollowed out middles. Once dry, I added candy coated chocolate speckled eggs to the center. Simple! Can you tell I'm all about simple...but cute. Cute is a must ;-}

**My mom is an awesome cook, and we had a delicious Easter dinner....Mmmmm. I made a pineapple bread casserole to compliment the ham she made -- I used my friend's family recipe. If she gives me permission, I will share it because it's my very FAVORITE! And extremely quick and easy to make. I love it so much that I actually made another small one to pair with our pork paninis last night!

**Back to work -- HOME STRETCH!


  1. Mom told me about the nests..that is such a cute idea! I love making them as just the pretzel clusters..but thats such a cute idea for Easter.

  2. Thanks Bec -- saw that idea on lots of blogs I read. And it was really easy because we always make the peanut clusters. I loved how you mixed the peanunts & pretzels -- I'm tryiing that next!