Tuesday, April 19, 2011

{Random} SPRING!

This might sound crazy to some, but I honestly don't mind rain showers in the spring because it makes the grass looks amazingly green and the gives the flowers a nice drink, so that they look beautiful and vibrant when they bloom.

Last fall, my hubby planted all kinds of bulbs in our flower beds in the front and side of our home. I LOVE how I am greeted by these cheery colors everytime I walk out my front door. Lots of red and yellow tulips and...

...even a combo of the two...

And then there's our daffodils....they remind me of the sun, which immediately puts a smile on my face :-]

I decided I needed to "springify" my front porch too, so I added some brightly colored striped pillows for the spring and summer.


Speaking of spring, my boys and I took a mini-trip to Baltimore this past weekend and boy did I need it. Thankfully we were able to push our trip back one day since it rained cats & dogs on Saturday {and most likely we'd have been stuck inside our hotel room}. I've been feeling especially crabby lately and needed a refresher, a chance to not think about anything except my family, and just ENJOY myself. And that is just what I did :-]

My family taking in a beautiful spring afternoon in the Inner Harbor. Can you see the ship in the background? It's called the U.S.S Constellation.

Rewind almost four years...

...my hubby and I had just gotten engaged on that ship -- I think we were both still in shock in this picture!

Still reminiscing...we also took a stroll around the Power Plant and stopped by Howl at the Moon to snap a quick photo of the writing on the door since the restaurant was closed.

May 2007 -- Bo and I celebrated at Howl at the Moon the night we got engaged. We look so....young. And tan. And thin. And well rested. GEEZ -- what a difference a few years {and a baby!} makes!

All in all, it was a GREAT weekend. And I'm feeling ready to tackle the next two days at work with a positive attitude and then relax and enjoy spring break and Easter. Here's to a short week!

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