Monday, August 9, 2010

{Monograms} Burp Cloths

When I had my son in February, my girlfriend, Kathy, bought me three monogrammed burp cloths that were embellished with ribbon. Well....since my son is a BIG spitter-upper {ughhh!}, these three burp cloths have come in so handy, and I find myself doing laundry just so I can wash and reuse these specific burp cloths every day. I decided I needed more so I purchased cloth diapers from Babies R Us and had them monogrammed at The Monogram Shop in Woodbury. Now I can stop all this crazy laundry business!

~ Some crafts/things I've been working on for my craft room/office
~ Dean's Dedication pics
~ Third floor guest room {very simple}
~ Classroom crafting {I have some new ideas for my classroom this year...anything to psyche myself up to go back to work after being on maternity leave for almost 7 months!}
~ Entryway lockers {taking MUCH longer than I ever thought but we're getting there}

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