Thursday, September 16, 2010

{Autumn} Enjoying this Time of Year ~ Fall To Do List

Fall has got to be one of my favorite seasons {for soooo many reasons}! I'm trying to enjoy every moment of it before the cold weather sets in and those cool evenings where only a hoodie and jeans are comfortable are poof...gone! To keep me focused on noticing all of God's simple yet beautiful pleasures of the season, I made myself a "Fall To-Do List." Already working on accomplishing some of these things!

1. Pumpkin picking & carving!
2. Firepit s'mores with my boys
3. Trip to the zoo
4. "Beach it" on a fall weekend
5. Savor the cooler mornings and evenings with walks
6. Read my bible
7. Learn how to use my camera
8. Get my bake on and make some of the new fall recipes I've been dying to try
9. Squeeze in a few date nights with my husband {Buddakan & Amada are on the list!}
10. Cherish all those late night feedings & cuddles with Dean {he won't be small forever}
11. Positive role model for my students
12. Glam it up for Wigs & Wine
13. Pay attention to all the sounds, sights & smells of autumn {crunchy leaves, fireplace fires, pumpkin pie scented candles & foods, ETC ETC ETC!}
14. Coffee shop for fall inspired coffees/lattes, etc.
15. Train for a 5k
16. Picnic lunch at the park
17. Finish my summer reads
18. More time outside, less time on computer
19. Community service
20. Let my house get messy {for once!} and not care!

What are your fall plans?!?! TGIF!


  1. my resolve is to take lots of pictures. i am not good about taking pictures and then i always wish i had more. we have a beautiful park near our apartment and i want to get lots of pics of it in all its fall glory! i plan to use them in my "how fast time flies" scrapbook. i'm using their new "bon voyage" pages to make a scrapbook of my family's recent trip to europe. i started it the other day and i think it looks pretty good so far (if i do say so myself)! thanks for the tip kate - i'm feeling very crafty :)

  2. I love how you're crafting it up, Ame! Good stuff! And you'll LOVE having that scrapbook to look back on once you're home in the good ole' USA!