Saturday, September 25, 2010

{Inspiration} Mini Ribbon Pumpkins!

I finally bought some mini pumpkins and mums today {Moores Greenhouse in WD is my fav....a tad bit pricer than other greenhouses but their flowers/plants are so nice and very well cared for}. Then, while Dean was napping this afternoon, I got to work...

Out came my ribbon, scissors, and hot glue gun. After about a half hour or so, all eight minis were done! You only see two in the picture above but I used a variety of ribbon. From orange to black to lime to eggplant to polka dot to striped to ticked to pattern or color was missed! And they look ADORABLE! Thank you Pottery Barn for the brillant idea :-} After I finished adhering the ribbon, I moved on to my next step....

....which was arranging them all in a huge glass hurricane, adding some sticks from the backyard and ***twist*** throwing some clear crystal drops to the branches. For a girl that constantly craves a little sparkle, shimmer, and shine, this was just the right touch!

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