Monday, September 13, 2010

{Crafting} My Classroom

As most of you know, I'm back to my teaching job after being home with my baby just shy of 7 months. It was hard to go back, even to a job I love, so I decided that if I couldn't be home this year with Dean, I would try my best to bring home with me to school.

I made this huge class tree about 10 years ago and it's traveled with me all around the building to wherever my classroom moves. I LOVE it and the kids help me decorate it. Each season I create a new theme.

To give my classroom a homey feel, I added curtains this year. I had tons of fabrics left over from the Sprinkle I threw for my sister this summer, and I didn't want it to go to waste, so up it went as my curtains. These were super simple. I literally used heavy clear packing tape to turn the edges under and used some cute curtain clips from Target along with tension rods. If you look at the back to the curtain, you'd totally laugh {it looks so ghetto!}. But who's looking at the back anyway?! And I definitely did not have time to sew them...

Again, I used leftover fabric from the Sprinkle to line my bulletin boards this year. Can you tell I like polka dots? Ha! I've even had a couple of my cute little 8th grade girls show me their polka dot notebooks and say, "Look Mrs. Powell, I love polka dots too!"

These boards hang above my teacher desk. One is a cork board and the other a magnetic board for hanging my things. I just simply covered each with fabric using a staple gun. Easy peasy.

This is my student supply center. It's a station with all sorts of supplies the kids use on a daily basis. It keeps them from constantly asking me for these items and it keeps their tons of germs away from my desk because they don't have to touch my things...haha. I used the bunting from Bec's Sprinkle as the "Student Supplies" sign.

Lastly, I have this dark pink rug from my first apartment years ago! I love it and it's adds a little color to my room. Plus the kids love to sit on it when they take notes or work with partners. Everyone fights over it :-} Maybe I should invest in a bigger one...

Thanks for taking a peek at my room! I'm off to bed so I'm ready for my little buggers tomorrow....5:00am comes waaaayyyy fast!

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