Wednesday, September 1, 2010

{Decorating} With Pictures...

How do ya'll decorate your homes with pictures? I'm curious because I myself tend to find it challenging at times. I love pics scattered around the house but sometimes too many frames all over can add clutter. I have a lot of pictures of my son that I've been dying to enlarge and display, so I purchased these photo ledges from IKEA along with some nice frames....all very reasonably priced. The photo ledges in PB are much deeper, which allows for more room to display leaning photos, but for the price, no thanks.

If I had a little more wall space to decorate, Dean wouldn't have to sit among the wine bottles :-}


  1. You can always get your photos mounted on foamboard and then you don't have to put them in frames...this way the pic doesn't take us as much space and you can fit more on the shelf!!

  2. Kate- where did you buy the shelves? Love them!

  3. Thank you! The top shelves are IKEA {I think they're called Ribba shelves}. And the bottom is a wine rack I bought from Target a few years back. Hope that helps!