Wednesday, September 29, 2010

{Home} Lockers = Done!

FINALLY!!! I can now say, "only" five months after my original locker post, that my lockers are officially done. I am still looking for a rug for the space, but the lockers themselves are ready to be filled {I decided not to add cushions because I love the crisp, clean simplicity of this piece....cushions not necessary!}.

At the start of all this "locker" business, my plan was to have them custom built and attached to the wall on our back porch. However, after waiting for what seemed like ages for the quote, we realized we just didn't want to spend THAT MUCH on something that we couldn't take with us if we ever decided to move. So....onto Plan B we went and the search began....

I have to hand it to my husband, Bo. He is so GOOD at finding exactly what I want for a price that fits our budget {and not to mention very patient with his oh-so picky wife;-}. He found these lockers at Howard Hill, an unfinished furniture store in Penn Sauken. I'll admit, I never thought I'd find what I was looking for without them being custom built. Goes to show you how much I know! I LOVE these lockers because....

~ They were affordable
~ They do not overwhelm the small space they now occupy
~ I was able to customize them A LOT {ie: hardware, how many lockers I wanted, size of lockers, doors on bottom or no doors, openings at top for baskets or no openings, beadboard on back or no beadboard....and the list goes on}.
~ Each of us has a basket at the top for anything we want {hats, gloves, scarves, etc}
~ There is a spacious area under the locker space for shoes or whatever you'd like to store down there
~ We were able to paint them whatever color we wanted
~ We can take them with us if we move one day {not to mention they give potential buyers a great idea of how to maximize the space on the back porch}

So, I guess they were worth the wait afterall. Next up? Small kitchen project....hope it turns out they way I have envisioned. Once again and as always, I'm on the hunt for more storage, space and seating in my cozy, little home :-}

STAY TUNED: {LOTS of FUN projects on the horizon!}


  1. kate - these look SO nice. i wish i had a spot i could put lockers in my house... i don't know if it will work in my current house, but i am definitely going to keep this idea in mind! my obsession with the SLD blog continues :)

  2. thanks, ame! they are so keep the clutter of jackets and work bags and purses and diaper bags down, ya know?! our house is tiny...i bet i could help you find a spot in your house!