Monday, December 6, 2010

{Gift Idea} I See Me Books

With the holidays quickly approaching, I thought it would be fun to bring you some of my favorite gift ideas. Let me start with this personalized book from I See Me {}. These books are GREAT for a few different reasons. First, they are completely personalized with the child's first, middle, and last name. And I love anything personalized. Second, they are filled with fun, colorful pictures that tell a sweet little story with your child as the main character. Lastly, your child sees their name in print allowing them to practice learning how to recognize the letters in their name and its spelling. They even have a book fitting for a boy and one for a girl.

I first ordered one of these books for my nephew Jack before he even made his appearance in this world. And since then, I've ordered a few for first birthday gifts. Dean doesn't have one yet...I'm slacking on my own child. Maybe Christmas? Or his first birthday, which is in February....AHHH!

Have a productive Monday friends!


  1. I have been ordering these for friends' kids for years - since you introduced me to them! I finally got one for CeCe for a Christmas gift from Santa. They now have a PIRATE book - it is sooo cool! ~PQB

  2. oooOooo...a pirate book! That has Dean's name written all over it! Thanks for sharing ;-}