Wednesday, December 15, 2010

{Holiday} Christmas Cards

It's been holiday card central in my house this week. Between my mom, my sister and my own cards, it's been a frenzy of designing, printing, cutting, crafting, addressing, adhering, stuffing and stamping! Phew! Almost done. Goal :: ALL cards done and mailed by Friday. I just dropped my mom's cards to her yesterday, so I figured I'd give you a little peek at them.

We used a picture my mom had taken of her home last winter during one of our many snow storms. I tweeked it a little using Photoshop {still LOTS to learn on that front} and added some simple verbage in different fonts, colors and sizes. These were paired with red envelopes.

~ Becky's Christmas Cards
~ My Christmas Cards
~ DIY card display
~ Cute gift idea {neighbors, co-workers, etc.}
~ Cookies & Crafts Party {Christmas Eve}
~ 2011 mini desk calendar
~ A few yummy crockpot & casserole recipe{s}
~ Kitchen project {still in the planning stages...ughh!}
~ Craft room wall display {storage solution}
~ Stefanie & Jason's wedding suite
~ Dean's 1st birthday party invitations & party details....NOOOO!

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