Tuesday, December 21, 2010

{Gift Idea} momAgenda

This handy dandy little planner called a momAgenda is one of the items on MY Christmas wish list this year! I haven't been able to live without a daily planner since high school. And now that my current 2010 daily planner is only good for about another week, I'm in dire need of a new one.

Oh how I hope Santa brings me one of these! I think I will subtly hint for "Santa" to hop on my blog tonight...ha! Just a gentle reminder ;-}

There are special areas for appointments and all of the things that moms with young children need. It is made especially with the busy schedule of moms in mind.

I know this is very last minute, but what a great gift for a busy mom. AND...all of their agendas are 25-30% off right now! Check them out at www.momagenda.com.

***The Paper Trail in Haddonfield also sells momAgendas if you'd like to check them out in person before purchasing!!!***


  1. i bought one of those at my friend andrea's store paper trail last year! i have the zebra stripes :)

  2. Cool Ame...love the zebra stripes...sassy! I didn't know the Paper Trail sold them...will add that to the post. Santa {aka Bo...haha} ordered me a fushia one. I'm excited!