Wednesday, December 8, 2010

{Recipes} Crockpot Sausage & Peppers

My friend from school lent me a fab crockpot cookbook for busy women....PERFECT! Although I haven't had a lot of time to actually try many of the recipes just yet, I did experiment with one of them a few days ago. I threw the ingredients together the night before and just had to start the crockpot in the morning. It was so nice to come home from work that afternoon to a yummy smelling house and an already cooked meal!

~ 1 large green bell pepper, sliced in strips
~ 1 small onion, diced
~ 3 cloves garlic, minced
~ 1 lb sweet Italian sausage, sliced
~ 2 1/2 cups spaghetti sauce {1 jar}
~ 1/4 cup red wine

~ Place veggies and sausage in crockpot. Combine other ingredients, mix well, and pour over veggies and sausage. Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 6-8 hours. Serve over pasta or on rolls.

***I served mine over whole wheat cheese raviolis and it was delish; however, next time around, I will double this recipe so that I have some left over to freeze for another meal.***

I also made this quick and easy salad that my friend Christine gave to me {it's her signature salad, and I LOVE it}. So much so, that I made it for a progressive dinner I attended last weekend.

~ 1 bag spring mix
~ 1 bag baby spinach
~ 1 bag craisins {cranberry/raisins}
~ 1 bag candied walnuts
~ 1 tub crumbled blue cheese
~ 1 bottle Paul Newmans raspberry vinegarette dressing

~Add all dry ingredients in a bowl and toss with dressing immediately before serving.

***I had to improvise a little since I used most of my salad ingredients for the progressive dinner. I didn't have any crumbled blue cheese left, so instead I used feta {I liked the blue cheese better}. And instead of candied walnuts, I used regular ones {again, candied are better}.

I'm making another super easy meal tonight for dinner...will share later in the week!


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