Friday, December 17, 2010

{Holiday} The Last of the Cards...

My 2010 Holiday Card Collection is DONE! These babies are signed, sealed and delivered as of this morning. I posted my mom's card the other day. Now on to my own cards and my sisters.

Ginger got the boot this year, and instead I went with a simple profile shot of my boy that showed his sweet smile and crinkly little corners of his eyes. I took this picture Thanksgiving weekend because it wasn't terribly cold. He's sitting in front of my garage doors, which I love because they are old, black, wooden doors {you can't really tell in the pic b/c it's B & W}. I was inspired by a picture I saw on gapkids website {you can see it on my left sidebar under Bring on WINTER?!?!} I love that row of smiling faces all dressed in their adorable snow hats and mittens.

I went with the colors dark pink, light blue and of course my favorite, lime, because they popped against the B & W picture. In addition, some different fonts spiced things up a bit. Merry & Bright, one of my favorite holiday sayings, also made an appearance on the card. Lastly, I hand glittered the word bright on each card {not pictured above}. I'm happy with the final product :-}

The wrap labels are also simple and compliment the card design.

There just wasn't time for me to take a picture of Jack and Maura over Thanksgiving, but luckily Bec was able to snap a quick photo at her home in Virginia. I love that Maura girl is smiling :-}

We used some untraditional Christmas colors {red, dark pink, light pink, and light blue}, but I really like the way they look together {NOTE: the dark pink is not as bright in person as it shows in the picture}. Simple snowflakes were also on the card, and yes, I hand glittered those as well. They look adorable, but after glittering 40 of Bec's cards and 70 of mine, well, let's just say I'm over glittering for a while ;-}

Because Bec didn't send an announcement for Maura, she also wanted me to subtly include her birth stats on the Christmas card, so I included those in a small circle at the bottom of the card.

Lastly, we used dark pink envelopes {for Maura}, and I made small return address tags to adhere to the back of her cards. They compliment the snowflake design on her card.

That's it! TGIF ~ Enjoy your weekend!

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