Thursday, January 13, 2011

{Custom Design} Meet Dainty Chef!

I recently had the pleasure of working on a new blog header for Krissy, the culinary goddess behind her fabulous food blog, Dainty Chef. I've been following Dainty Chef since Krissy first started sharing her recipes a few months ago. Now, I'm hooked and have made quite a few of her yummy dishes. Her lava cakes are currently on my Valentine's Day dessert menu!

I created two options for Krissy to choose from for her new blog look. The first look was inspired by an adorable apron her creative mom made her for Christmas. Krissy loved the vintage feel of the apron, so I used some soft, muted colors and added an adorable apron to the design.

The second look is a little more mod with the bold color choices and cooking utensils added along the bottom. This look was inspired by Krissy's wedding colors, which I love!

So, which design do you think Krissy chose for her new blog look? You'll have to wait and see on Monday, which is when she will premiere the new Dainty Chef! Check her out!

***It was so fun working with you, Krissy! Can't wait to see the new look!


  1. Both are fabulous, I am partial to the lighter color, but what do I know....
    Great job Kate!

  2. I agree with Karen, I think the lighter color is more in keeping with Krissy's "Dainty" Chef theme. Mare

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