Thursday, January 20, 2011

{Invitations} DEAN'S 1ST BIRTHDAY!

The time has finally baby is one month away from officially being a big boy. SIGH SNIFFLE SOB.

His birthday party invitations are done and going in the mail this weekend. I thought I'd give you just a little peek at what's in the works for my "little man's" first birthday party.

Dean's party is going to be small and include only our immediate families, which meant that I could afford to get a little crafty with his invitations since I only had to send a few. ***We'd love to invite more family and some of our close friends, but unfortunately our home wouldn't be able to accommodate everyone comfortably.***

THEME:: Little Mister Mustache Bash
COLORS:: Navy, lime & light turquoise

I decided to make Dean's invite a foldable card, with a front cover and an inside. To set the scene for a "Little Mister Mustache Bash" I cut a mustache and tie from textured scrapbook paper in the party colors for the front cover.

On the inside of the invitation, I included a picture I snapped of my little man in one of his daddy's ties and a newsboy cap. He doesn't sit still for very long and wants NOTHING to do with anything on his head these days, so it was quite a challenge to get a decent shot. ***I actually cut part of his head off in this pic but oh least he was looking at the*** He even kind of looks like a little man with that serious expression...HA! I just LOVE him!

The other side contained the party details. I cut another mustache from the same navy shimmery paper that I used to make the card and included that on the top. We really hope everyone will "Comb Over" and join in on the fun!

I made some simple wrap labels too. I backed them with navy shimmery paper and attached them to the envelopes.

Mister R. Dean Powell is very excited about dropping these in the mail this weekend ;-}

I had a lot of fun making these invites, and I'm looking forward to sharing Dean's other party details with you next month!



  1. Your blog stalker, here. Kate, I am OBSESSED! The theme, the invites, the pics...when I come back in my next life, can I be you?!?! Love it!

  2. kate these are stinkin adorable. i love the theme <3

  3. OMG Kate . . . these are too cute!! I'm your other blog stalker, haha. . .as you can see you have inspired me to try my hand at creating fun invitations!!Hope to see you guys soon!

  4. Jame!!! Thanks! I love your C&C invites....FUN! We're working on a babysitter for the night...WOOHOO! Let me know what I can bring :-}

  5. I love these invitations! I want them!!