Sunday, January 16, 2011

{Restaurant Review} Arugula

My husband and I love trying new and interesting restaurants on our date nights, which unfortunately are few and far between these days ;-} When we do get the chance to go out for the evening, we try to eat at one of the places on our "restaurant hit list." Since we're checking these places out, I thought it might be fun to add some restaurant reviews to my blog just in case I have some readers that are fellow foodies.

Arugula has been on our list for a while and last weekend we finally got there. I loved my meal....filet gorgonzola & banana fosters bread pudding for dessert....YUM! Food - positive. BYOB - positive. Fun, funky decor - positive. City-like vibe without having to cross the bridge - positive. Crowded, reservations recommended - negative. A little on the pricey side - negative.

Overall, I give this restaurant two thumbs up and am heading back next week for a girls night out. I hesitate to say too much because sometimes the expectations are not met when there is too much of a build up. So, you'll just have to try it out for yourselves {if you live in South Jersey}! Let me know what you think!

NEXT UP: Il Fiore in Collingswood....I've heard FABULOUS things about this restaurant!


  1. Cathleen just tried Il Fiore and loved it, we have yet to go. Not sure if you like Indian food at all, but Inde Blue on Collings Avenue is delicious!

  2. ooh kate, now i really want to try this place!

    i went to il fiore about 8 mos ago. i remember that i really liked the food (the food was excellent, actually) but the atmosphere wasn't that great. also, i think i remember that it was very affordable. hope you like it!

  3. Thanks girls! I'm excited about Il Fiore. And any other recs you have for restaurants are greatly appreciated! Always on the lookout for great spots with fab food! Been wanting to try Inde Blue, Krissy ;-}