Sunday, January 9, 2011

{Home Improvements} Repurposing

One thing I know but never quite seem to remember is that "quick and simple" home improvement projects ALWAYS take longer than originally planned. After all our home improvement trials and tribulations, you think I'd have learned that concept.! The family room IS making some progress: we have our new couch, the tv cabinet is on it's way, and we just ordered an ottoman. will still be a few weeks before the room is complete.

Why a pic of my master bedroom? Well, because I wanted to show how "old" furniture can be repurposed to fit other needs. I'd been wanting a bench at the foot of our bed for some time. I couldn't quite find one I loved. Once Bo and I decided to freshen up the family room a little, we decided that a leather ottoman would be softer and safer for our on-the-go and almost walking boy! I'm not usually sentimental about holding onto furniture, but I didn't want to let go of my old ottoman, which is actually an inexpensive little trunk from Target. I don't know...there is something about it that I just love. So, it became the bench at the foot of our bed. I love when that happens :-}

Have a great Monday, everyone! I'm actually enjoying this cold wintery weather believe it or not. Don't worry, by the end of February I'll be crying the winter blues and dying for a glimpse of spring ;-}

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