Monday, January 24, 2011

{Home Improvements} Built-in Storage Bench

We are continuing to make progress on the family room. The window alcove has been empty for a few weeks now {pic above}. There is a ton of natural light that shines through those four windows every afternoon, and I know my Gingy girl misses her spot on the old loveseat there. So, she was really happy on Sunday when...

...her Daddy brought home the new storage bench! Bo is still in the process of adding some trim around the bottom {you can see it's not completely finished in the pic}. We've also started shopping for some fabric for the cushion top we'll be adding soon {still have yet to find the right one}.

My father-in-law {with a little help from my husband} built this bench. He used an inspiration picture that I shared in another post as a model. The top lifts open to give us a nice storage area for blankets, toys, whatever. ***It's not really "built-in" because of the radiator that sits behind it. We figured if we ever needed to get back there for any reason, it might be smarter to give the appearance of a "built-in" by adding trim, but not actually nail it into the wall and floor.***

We decided to paint the bench the same gray color as the rest of the trim throughout the downstairs. This color was chosen by the previous owners and I like it okay, but would one day LOVE to paint it all a cream color and add a light, neutral color to the walls to warm up the entire space.

We're adding some wall art and shelving this weekend, touching up some paint, getting some pillows for the sectional, and then HOPEFULLY pics of the completed look next week!


  1. It looks great! And . .. .if we're lucky, we might just get a snow day on Thursday! Wouldn't that be great for home projects? I would welcome it!!

  2. Love it Kate, looks great!! can't wait to see the whole room re-do!

  3. Thank you, ladies! ***A snow day on Thursday would be fabulous!